Student Resources

Recreation center

Our campus Recreation Center includes three basketball courts, an indoor track, a natatorium and outdoor leisure pool, a climbing wall, fitness zone,....and more.

Free for students!

Counseling and Psycological Services (CAPS)

As one of the most diverse campuses in the country, the Counseling and Psycological Services (CAPS) office at UH provides mental health services through, single session therapy, group counseling, essential skills workshops, and more.

Health center

The Student Health Center offers affordable primary medical and mental healthcare. Pharmacy services are available.

Writing center

The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations in which trained Writing Consultants assist students with various types of writing appointment base only. Students also have the option to meet online with trained Writing Consultants to discuss their writing from any location.

An NSM Peer Writing group started by Anthony Keyes (one of our outstanding graduates ;) ) also is a good resource to check out for preparing your first NSF Graduate Research Fellowship proposal!

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSSO)

The International Student and Scholar Services Office (ISSSO) has the information you need regarding visa status, travel, health insurance for international students, tax information, and Optical Practical Training.

An International Student and Scholar Friendship Program arranges airport pick-up, coordinates temporary housing, connects new students and scholars with local host families, and plans off-campus outings and events.

Campus Arts and Music

As the gateway between UH and the city of Houston, the Blaffer Art Museum is a catalyst for creative innovation, experimentation, and scholarship. Schedule a visit between 12-5pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Free admissions!

Moores School of Music at UH also holds regular student recitals, operas, and ensemble performances.

LGBTQ Resource center

The mission of the LGBTQ Resource Center is to cultivate safe spaces on campus, empowering LGBTQ students to develop their authentic identity, and become proud, successful, engaged members of the UH community.


Most of our students rent apartments around the Medical Center which has good bus connection to campus. Others rent in the Midtown, Montrose, and Galleria areas. The rent for a single bedroom apartment is around $800 to $1100.

You can also use a free apartment locator, e.g., Smart City or the Houston Area Apartment Locator, which sometimes provide good deals on apartment rent.


The Children's Learning Center (CLC) is an excellent resource for UH faculty, staff, and students with needs for on-campus childcare.