Medicine & Health

Chengzhi Cai

Synthesis and properties of polymers, multi-disciplinary research in nanotechnology and advanced materials.

Tai-yen Chen
Assistant Professor

Metal homeostasis in healthy and diseased neurons using single molecule techniques. Metal trafficking.

Naihao Chiang
Assistant Professor

Light matter interactions. Coherent control of surface chemistry. Plasmon-induced intracellular delivery.

Loi Do
Associate Professor

Organometallic catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, and polymer synthesis.

Scott Gilbertson

Synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry. New synthetic methods for biological and medicinal problems.

Eva Harth

Advanced polymers serving the need for high performance materials in engineering and health applications.

Randall Lee

Synthesis and self-assembly of nanoscale materials for technological and medicial applications.

Jeremy May

Natural product total synthesis, transition-metal based synthetic methods using carbenoid and ylide intermediates.

Shoujun Xu

Laser-detected magnetic resonance imaging for applications in biomedicine and materials science.

Melissa Zastrow
Assistant Professor

Molecular biology, cell imaging, spectroscopy. Essential metals in gut microbiota.