Imaging & Interfaces

Steven Baldelli

Nonlinear optics, vibrational spectroscopy, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, fuel cells, polymer surfaces.

Chengzhi Cai

Synthesis and properties of polymers, multi-disciplinary research in nanotechnology and advanced materials.

Tai-yen Chen
Assistant Professor

Metal homeostasis in healthy and diseased neurons using single molecule techniques. Metal trafficking.

Naihao Chiang
Assistant Professor

Light matter interactions. Coherent control of surface chemistry. Plasmon-induced intracellular delivery.

Randall Lee

Synthesis and self-assembly of nanoscale materials for technological and medicial applications.

Shoujun Xu

Laser-detected magnetic resonance imaging for applications in biomedicine and materials science.

Jerry Yang
Associate Professor

Ultrafast electron diffraction, phase transitions, surface imaging, non-equilibrium dynamics.

Melissa Zastrow
Assistant Professor

Molecular biology, cell imaging, spectroscopy. Essential metals in gut microbiota.