Energy & Photochemistry

Eric Bittner

Quantum dynamics and ultrafast processes. Spontaneous coherence and collective quantum effects.

Jakoah Brgoch
Associate Professor

Inorganic materials chemistry. Crystallography, solid-state chemistry, machine learning, super-hard materials.

Naihao Chiang
Assistant Professor

Light matter interactions. Coherent control of surface chemistry. Plasmon-induced intracellular delivery.

Allan Jacobsen

Synthesis and structural characterization of metal oxides, conductive solids, composite structures.

Randall Lee

Synthesis and self-assembly of nanoscale materials for technological and medicinal applications.

Thomas Teets
Associate Professor

Homogenous catalysis, synthetic methodology, applications in renewable energy and organometallic catalysis.

Ognjen Miljanic

Supramolecular chemistry, self-sorting, metal organic and covalent-organic frameworks, fluorescent sensors.

Judy Wu
Associate Professor

Computational organic chemistry. Extended π-systems, photoinduced electron and proton transfer.

Jerry Yang
Associate Professor

Ultrafast electron diffraction, phase transitions, surface imaging, non-equilibrium dynamics.