Steven Baldelli

Nonlinear optics, vibrational spectroscopy, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, fuel cells, polymer surfaces.

Maurice Brookhart

Synthetic and mechanistic organometallic chemistry, C-H bond activation, olefin polymerizations.

Brad Carrow
Associate Professor

Transition metal catalyst and ligand design, new elementary organometallic mechanisms.

Robert Comito
Assistant Professor

Main group catalysis for olefin difunctionalization, C-H activation, and polymer synthesis

Olafs Daugulis

Synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry, C-H functionalization, polyolefin synthesis.

Loi Do
Associate Professor

Organometallic catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, and polymer synthesis.

Scott Gilbertson

Synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry. New synthetic methods for biological and medicinal problems.

Eva Harth

Advanced polymers serving the need for high performance materials in engineering and health applications.

Jeremy May

Natural product total synthesis, transition-metal based synthetic methods using carbenoid and ylide intermediates.

Thomas Teets
Associate Professor

Homogenous catalysis, synthetic methodology, applications in renewable energy and organometallic catalysis.